Graduation project based on the master's dissertation. At this moment, the project is on the process of "Phase 3" which is the final conceptual designing step. Here are some works of Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1

- Contextualization

- Problematics

Phase 1


As cities change, so does the industrial structure. Recently, the physical waste industry has been reborn through urban regeneration. In this study, we study the direction of reducing the time required for the regeneration process, which still takes a long time.

Phase 1

- Three Directions

1) Discovering and Connecting Values to Engage

2) Involvement of User-led Experience and Flow

3) Industrial "Data" Regeneration in Smart City

Phase 2

- Three Concepts

Sustainable Industrial Heritage

Phase 2 Poster Design

Design Materials including Images

Phase 3

- Design Development

Typical Govenment-led Regeneration Process


Design Thinking & Lean Startup Process


A Participatory Design Approach to Regeneration Involvement

Phase 3 Presentation


Design projects with Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique's partner companies.