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Seunghoon Han is a designer who approaches design projects

for the Smarter City via Design-Thinking Methodology.

He produces Feasible and Practical solutions based on 

the user-centric approach and the multi-cultural experiences

from Seoul to Paris

about me


I am a person who designs “between” space and people, analyzing problems from user-centric to empathy, and proposing solutions spatially. I believe that previous studied research on indoor people's movement and human scale are related to people’s mobility and architectural change in an urban scale. Moreover, as a designer, I have developed the presentation skill should be able to express all ideal thoughts in any way from hand-drawing to 2d, even 3d for sure.

Recently, I’ve participated in a project called, Porte de Paris, as a designer at Chaire-ETI, a think tank in Sorbonne University. That is to build the concept for citizens based on the idea, “Ville du Quart d’Heure(by Carlos Moreno)”, a temporal idea of walking and cycling based on the essential social functions to our lives in the city. Including this project has come to have a deeper thought and a wider perspective, and to get ready to cover urban projects with all experiences and tools that I have.


area of expertise

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User-Centered Design

Work flow and various experimental stages of the user experience process and analysis

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Design Thinking

Empathy with persona and user scenario for repetitive ideation and prototype

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Urban Design

Environment design for sustainability in the plan of universal and public design 

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Branding Design

A design language which is a type of identity system for a company, 

a city or even a project 


l'ecole de design nantes atlantique

Here are my design works from school projects to European projects during Master's course 2017-2019 at l'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique. (Team-projects are specified at each description)

Design Projects


a recent work in paris


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work experiences in seoul

Design projects that I experienced as an agency designer in the fields of environment design and landscape architecture. And some branding design projects and university projects majored in Interior design are included here.


It began with the question of Carlos Moreno, a philosopher, on “Ville du Quart d'Heure”.

I participated in this project as a master’s internship and a short-term contract. The study was conducted on how to express the ideal idea of bringing six social functions closer to ‘Time-based distance’ and reflect them on citizens and cities.


Project Partners


Chaire-ETI, where I work at, announced this idea at SCEWC2019(Smart City Expo World Congress) in Barcelona and proposed to Paris city. Consequently, it is successfully proving that it can be adapted to the real field to show feasibility from "philosophical thoughts". And recently, Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, tries to take this idea into the urban plan, Paris 2024.

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