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Seunghoon Han is an experienced designer in Paris applying Design Thinking methodology on projects

He produces creative solutions for Sustainable Cities by the feasible user-centric approach based on

Innovative but practical design experiences in Seoul.


I have over 7 years of experience working in environment design in South Korea. I moved to France to study in Sustainable Cities Lab of L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, focusing on design methodology and user perspective approach, having various challenges abroad. During master's degree, I researched and developed a citizen participatory tool for industrial area regeneration as the End of Studies Project.

Recently I finished an internship at Chaire-ETI belong to Sorbonne University involving a project of Smart City, called "Portes de Paris" which is basically starting with essential social functions of citizen overwrapping on the analyzed territory platform. I have been continuously working on that project and finally, I and my team announced this ideal idea at Smart City Expo World Congress in November 2019.And currently, I am finalizing my work on the project and searching for the next position. I am ready with various design tools in order to be adapted to any urban/social life projects.


User-Centered Design

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Here are my design works from school projects to European projects during Master's course 2017-2019 at l'Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique. (Team-projects are specified at each description)

Design Projects


Chaire-ETI, where I work at, suggests a platform that can identify evaluated open data on the territory in order to presents six social functions' index. This communication tool helps to interact between citizens and the mayor of the city, especially future planning.


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Design projects that I experienced as an agency designer in the fields of environment design and landscape architecture. And some branding design projects and university projects majored in Interior design are included here.

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Smart City Platform





6 Social Functions

Territory Innovation



I worked at Chaire-ETI(Entrepreneuriat Territoire Innovation) for my internship for 5 months this summer and continuously working now for a project, “Portes de Paris”(“Paris Gates” in English). This is how I am involved in the project.


Project Partners